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A limited podcast presented as a mix of old and new recordings from 1997 and 2017, outlining select late 90's arcade games with a Namco-leaning focus. The podcast is a 25-episode series plus one introductory Day 0 episode. Each episode may include the following:

*Simulating booting a newly arrived game and discussion of game elements.
*Redemption Roundup: A feature on a ticket-based game and summary of new prizes items that have arrived at the arcade (every 2 episodes).
*Incorporation of stories from the arcade during this time period.
*Time-sensitive arcade industry news.
*Three music specials featuring obscure music from the previous 5 games featured.
*Game ratings: graphics, sound, playability, profitability, 2017 holdup score.
*2017 emulation status: Is it playable, was it dumped, did it get a home version.

Episodes should be listened to in order, 0-25.


Jul 19, 2017

July 19, 1997 - We get in our second game for this wonderful arcade here. We do a deep dive on a little of the background of KI, and relay some personal stories. We touch on some timely arcade news from the industry, all packaged up with a bow!

Jul 5, 2017

July 5, 1997 - We receive our first game - Ridge Racer. We cover it and then dive into our first Redemption Roundup, industry news, and more!